Have you ever thought that a game can change your life? Well, it may sound uncanny to you, but it is true. Playstation 4 has become an indispensable part of a gamer’s experience.

The game is incredibly powerful and the greatest achievement of the gaming industry.

Usually, avid players comprehend that PS4 is an exceptional console with spectacular features. Even gamers wallow in  Xbox One, GameCube, mobile games, and many more. These not only immerse them but take their experience to another level. 

Even the spot of PS5 is anticipated in the coming year for the game lovers. To unravel the craze, in the game fad, appealing options for PlayStation 4 best games are:

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

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Playstation 4 top games 2019 has Assassin’s Creed Odyssey game, which is the state-of-the-art edition of Assassin’s Creed RPG franchise.

It is amazingly stunning PS4 taking hearts away from Ancient Greece, taking place in the best collection. 

Odyssey watches you into the sandals of either Kassandra or Alexios being set during the Peloponnesian War, trying to disclose their history’s veracity while searching Ancient Greece’s tumultuous world as a mercenary.

Make sure you play it limited as remarkable unlimited series awaiting.


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The title holds the whole! It’s an RPG, ineffably set, hidden difficulties, notoriously challenging, enigmatic souls manifest the reality of the game. The player entails a modicum of patience to have complete fun.

Bloodborne for PS4 is kind of boon where precise moments, memorized patterns, and enemy prevails and put effort into having melee combat. To become a pro, you need to outshine in the game. 

The set scenes and the impeccable level of players presents a distinct shape to the game. The admirers of it will never step out of it.


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What you have seen was smaller; what you watch now is at odds. After a hiatus, the come back to Pandora to shoot, rip, loot, and tear the way to victory.

The game is built on the grounds of gear. 

The players in the game unlock new abilities and weapons to promote standards and battle in a stylized environment.

It may not enthusiast all in terms of new things, but the game could fascinate the new addicts who desire to have good playtime. 

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

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Players appreciate the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare for its supremacy. In bestselling PlayStation 4 games 2019, this game has taken the front seat.

The jetpacks, futuristic gadgetry, frills of zombies, double-jumps for a grounded take on the involvement of military having similarity in the 21st century.

Activision tends to reform the game having its earlier name in 2007 with the game Modern Warfare. The recreation of the game is highly successful. More prior Modern Warfare was about gritty war realities, modern denoting the gadgetry, gear, and weapons. 

Therefore, the issues penetrating in the game did not become the massive hurdle and yet made the game a real hit.

So, Call of Duty belonging to the same grounds even rocks and has become a hit.


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Control is an action-adventure where the newest director, the clandestine Federal Bureau of Control (FBC)- a government agency research and endeavors to control paranormal activity.

Control in the game witness you stepping in the shoes of Jessie Faden. Jessie’s role may have some flaws; nevertheless, it appeals to the users. 

An accord in which Remedy courted different yet intricate genres in the games and films are really tremendous.

Control is a mind-bending story that evokes Twin Peaks and True Detective through it. To get more things about the game, you must try to play the popular game. 

Death Stranding

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Death Stranding is a breathtaking title being equally unique and beautiful. The premise steps in the delivery man Sam Bridges’ shoes whose job is to deliver special cargo.

It is a mysterious phenomenon where delivery swipes out many lives. This all in the game creates rage, passion, enthusiasm, and altruism. 

The game involves sea otter costumes, bottled babies, and Conan O’Brien’s appearance. Every trailer you witness is filled with fear, which helped to create a buzz in the game industry. 

You cannot shun off yourself from this game as it is a decent game for PS4 for you. 


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FIFA is a great craze, not only among players but even for the launchers. It is considered to be a great event and a great installment. Now, the game has directly entered the fields of PS4.

The game has its charm and gives players what they really demand. Some clever gameplay tweaks coax to play and have a victory in the game. It is a far rewarding game and undoubtedly a game to play.

Those who love playing it, they must know that it is the far best game than any other can offer. 

The tacts, tricks and the methods in the game hardly let you show camaraderie. Get in the fields through FIFA.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

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The game has impressive factors more than your expectations. An engaging story, high production values, a never-ending adventure has made Uncharted 4 a must-play.

Uncharted 4 is available to bring the superior experience of Naughty Dog. With the high demands, it has been brought up to please the players. 

The journey you have of Naughty Dog’s Uncharted 4 may reach its ending point, but the incredible and treasurable memories of the way remain alive forever. Having a PS4 and not playing it is a crime.

You definitely need a ride of the game, and you will adore it the most.

The Last of Us Remastered

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Have you ever received a vision of the future? Can you imagine how brutal or beautiful it could be? If not, them The Last of Us Remastered is a must.

The post-apocalyptic vision of the future can nothing be as believable and savage, which is shown in this. The comeback in PS4 from PS3 has given it a master brush up and depicts the darker mood striking from California’s studio. 

The setting characterized by murky morals but letting you care for them in the game. For this, you don’t have any chance else than playing this game. It is an amazing creation for PS4 lovers. 

Dragon Age: Inquisition

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Dragon Age is a phenomenal game with a 200-hour array of postcard landscapes, infused scraps, quests, well-written character interactions with sheer generosity.

It provokes you to defeat demon menace; however, it is also a private army with castle and strategic metagame. 

The game has created a buzz among the youngsters. Playstation 4 top 10 games 2019 proudly includes Dragon Age and gives you the best option to play. 

In the end, Bestselling PlayStation 4 games 2019 involve Fallout 4, FIFA 20, Fortnite Battle Royale, Odyssey, Battlefield 1, and lots more. This may lead to confusion in setting up the game. As every game is better than the other, it creates difficulty in choosing among them. 

The lovers of PS4 may end up leading to which game first. For them, they can begin from the start by cessation at the last game. Are you ready to start now? Which game did you decide? 

Entertainment begins here!