When was the last time you enjoyed playing a set of incredible games? Or a time when you read about fetching games altogether? Do the games coax you to play?

The real admirers succinctly read about them and get on the rage of playing it.

In the era of games, in the fields of blood, in the quest for victory, many are listed under favorite games, but the crown is always on one’s head.

By keeping in front, GameCube games are the famed ones all around the world. 

Here are top GameCube games 100 to astound you:

Table of Contents

1. Super Mario Strikers

The game is currently dominated by Mario and friends, who make the admirers obsessed about the competition, random violence, and tantalizing designing. 

2. Skies of Arcadia Legends

The discovery of Skies of Arcadia Legends will make you instantly fall for this game. Vyse and his Blue Rogues are heart taking when they have the evil Valuan Empire fight. 

3. Ikaruga

Ikaruga is an intoxicating game vibrating your mind with a duality of black and white colors. To the skywatchers, they would assume like flowing art as it is undoubtedly amazing. 

4. Beyond Good and Evil

Every part of this game gleams; the supersonic graphics, daredevil characters, highlighted story, that is all that makes it dreadful and outrageous. Enter the game zone and feel Beyond Good and Evil. 

5. TimeSplitters: Future Perfect

All the games must not be action-driven, a spice of laughter and a good chuckle is obligatory. To replenish your mood again, TimeSplitters: Future Perfect is good to go game. High comedy with creative actions is on your way!

6. Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance

Nintendo franchise rocks the game industry with GameCube games. Fire Emblem is famous internationally and gives a classic hit that Japanese fans ever desired. 

7. Luigi’s Mansion

How can the top GameCube games’ list exclude Mansion of Luigi where namby-pamby Luigi breaks the shackles of his fear and catch ghosts by a modified vacuum cleaner. Catch him doing while playing!

8. Tales of Symphonia

It is not possible for all to rank the same. Some of the naive characters and intricate patterns ruin the whole plot. Tales of Symphonia has no doubt sailed the boat of apprehension by some, but appreciated for graphics and swift battles. 

9. Mario Kart: Double Dash

Mario Kart is a multiplayer game that counts in the plus of games. The huge vehicles and characters, weapon selection, is a bit offbeat. You can enjoy this game by adding your twist of multiplayer.

10. Super Monkey Ball

In the top GameCube games list, it is hard to overlook Super Monkey Ball as it is a real platform of fun. The levels of it amuse you to the fullest and gush controlling the monkey; you slope the world.

11. Super Mario Sunshine

Mario, in the form of Super Mario, doesn’t meet with terrific changes, but Nintendo gave a unique expression. Notwithstanding, the water shooting backpack allowed Mario to target distant objects and hover. Somewhere in some places, the hitherto effect of Mario is witnessed.       

12. Viewtiful Joe

The 2D action gave Viewtiful game a new reflection. The popularity of superhero Joe has got instant fame. To brief it, GameCube games have brought a revolutionary change in the gaming zone. 

13. Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes

Metal Gear Solid is an enduring story of betrayal, love, war, and death. The remake by Canadian developer Silicon Knights and cutscenes filled by the film director Ryhei Kitamura packed the whole cool stuff. 

14. Pikmin 2

The game makes you enjoy the limitless boundaries with more adventure and extra-strong attacks. The guides, namely Louie and Olimar, delineates the Pikmin separately. 

15. Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Top GameCube games of all time are Paper Mario with simple visuals, few hours of play, bizarre environments, and peculiar ways. Mario has rampant ways to escape things and get out of them. 

16. F-Zero GX

It is the fastest game in the series and progresses with appealing views. You have to run through the game without any mistakes. One slip down can cost you more in the game. You will be proud of overcoming all these hurdles of the game.

17. Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem

Horror, terror, threat, dread is all a pack in Eternal Darkness. You will witness haunted scenes and shocks to scare you completely.  To enjoy such spooky effects and views, get the game and feel it.

18. Animal Crossing

To relax and feel the freedom, it is just the apt one. It is much like a reality where you get a job, buy a home, visit friends, celebrate the time, and get exploited by a money-hungry people like Tom Nook. Be real in unreal!

19. Soulcalibur II

The gripping sequel of Soulcalibur II is fantastically created with breathtaking scenes. It is a single play run with the gimmick of Namco and special characters. To know it more closely, find a way to the game. 

20. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

For an agile, acrobatic transform, a typical action, and unlimited enjoyment, Prince of Persia will serve the way. Though it is a remake of a video game but is a classic play.

21. Super Smash Bro. Melee

A pack of amusement, a group of all the top characters, is jammed in the flabbergasting Super Smash Bro. Melee. The one who covets to have something extraordinary can definitely unearth through it.

22. Resident Evil 4

Imagine gore around, brutal fights, unlimited punches, an army of rhinos around you, how would you react? For a real adventure, Resident Evil 4 of GameCube games will let you adore. Give a shot and beat the heat!

23. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

In a series of games, there is hardly any comparison seen with the Wind Waker. The bright character, astonishing expressions, sympathetic and immortal formula make it live for life. 

24. Donkey Kong Jungle Beat

A pack of crazy apes as a set of bongos is quite different from other competitor’s series. The game is full pack amazing concept coming from Nintendo incorporating all the innovation in the game.

25. Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean

A gaming console being different from all GameCube series along with beautiful music, a great battle system, and intriguing story make the Nintendo’s box more appealing to the admirers.

26. Battalion Wars

The game is a combination of strategy and action being in a tongue-in-cheek fashion. It is exceptional from other games in the Nintendo games and delivers the setting in an exclusive way. 

27. Killer7

You can never forget this game once you set yourself on the track of playing. It is an original design, amazingly entertaining, unconventional, and consists of all gaming elements. It is a game that can make you experience a real gaming console. 

28. Timesplitters 2

You cannot overlook such incredible blockbuster retaining tons of looks, feel, purity, and updated visuals. It is a one-of-a-kind game with effects that can bind your time. 

29. Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory

Chaos Theory allows using all the force and efforts you can pour in the game. Moreover, the AI system has improved the structure of this game, making the series steal the show. 

30. Madden NFL 2004

The game Madden NFL is remembered and known to be the best gaming console in GameCube history. Every factor of the game, be it defense, running, passing, is tuned accordingly. 

31. NBA Street Vol. 2

In lengthy story mode, the game has the standout feature with streetball moves, a wide range of options, and the best way to pass the time. Let NBA fans become a part!

32. Mario Golf Toadstool Tour

A mixture of characters being unique with their shot types, weaknesses, strength make the rounds more intriguing. Generally, it is believed never to miss the game. 

33. P.N.03

It is a stylish yet straightforward game based on dodging and shooting. Nintendo has released this game for GameCube and cemented a close relationship with Japanese, which dismantled due to reasons. To get closure to the game, you need to play it.

34. Hunter the Reckoning

You and your three friends slashing and shooting through the way of locating new weapons and go level up.  This multiplayer game gives fun diversion and a unique shooting experience. Get your players and play.

35. Goblin Commander

The game covets the army of Goblin to build structures for units by harvesting resources. Every genre is there to savor in the game. You won’t witness any other such game in GameCube series. 

36. Smuggler’s Run: Warzones

A multiplayer game where laws and rules are disobeyed. It merges the games like Flag Tag, Captures the Flag with themes of smuggling items.  It’s a game requiring aggressive collision and high spirits. 

37. NHL2K3

With an astounding computer AI, more than usual options, this Ice Hockey game is the best turn in GameCube console. It is developed by US developers Sega and looks great when you play.  

38. Donkey Konga

When you want to eschew from action-packed games, there Donkey Konga enters. Clapping on popular songs and beating drums is the novelty of the game. To enjoy at a party, bring this game at the forefront for multiplayer fun. 

39. Phantasy Star Online Episode III

Phantasy Star is a game ensuring you to complete a mission while meeting other characters in the middle. Walking around, collecting things from shops will assist in moving farther. The mission gets conversion in battles and turns up to be complicated. 

40. Bloody Roar: Primal Fury

A 3D fighting game with reasonable power packs! The characters turn into beast form in battles with creative art designs. It is basically an upgraded version of the PS2 game with improved graphics.

41. Conflict Desert Storm 2

Without an eagle eye, it becomes difficult to sustain. Vigilant attention is desired in this shooter game based on 4 players. It’s a friend based game where team and communication fill in the squad roles. 

42. The Sims

The virtual world stimulates you to feed, wash, clean, and take care of people accompanying the renovation and design of their living quarters. The game can be an impulsive experience to do something different. 

43. Madden NFL 2005

The things you expect from this game is accessible through this American Football game. It is an augmented stage of the last game with enhanced graphics. 

44. Vexx

For scuffle, good action, turbulent frames, and hurdles in between, Vexx is a 3D platform to unearth “Wraith Hearts” for new levels. It coaxes fans to play such intriguing games, which is indubitably a superior version of a PS2 game.

45. Extreme G 3

A game to never let you go down is Extreme G 3, bringing much better feel, ameliorated design, Esque feel, and never-ending entertainment. It is a good racing game being entirely overshadowed by GF-Zero GX. 

46. Freedom Fighters

The game got inspired by history, where Russiz occupied the US. You have to fight and control the invaders with AI teammates behind supporting you. The game is perfect to be played. 

47. Red Faction II

It is a fast-action game with having a dynamic environment in the game. It allows you to shoot and alter the field of the game. Playing it together can cause destruction in the game with weapons and action.

48. Tak 2: The Staff of Dreams

Tak 2 makes you involved in the action, unveiling new moves, puzzles exhibiting a wealthy variety and polish. The game moves at an incredible pace with high engagement being the notable feature in the storyline.

49. Rayman 3

The game has fair chances to be in your top GameCube games list with subtle art, amazing graphics, and crazy psychedelic backgrounds. The third part may not have worked like the other two, but the good points help to outweigh the negatives.

50. Billy Hatcher

Billy Hatcher is about manipulating eggs used to run over enemies or bounce on obstacles. Squashing fruits under eggs would benefit from hatching another animal partner for help and solving the puzzle. Overall, it is a fun game and unique with its charm.

51. Tony Hawks Pro Skater 4

A game engrosses you in an  environment to obtain certain objects, complicated tricks, and a time where multiple improvements have taken place over time

52. 1080: Avalanche

Do you like ice? This is an icy game in GameCube with standout elements like titular Avalanche’s, where every second point you are in a turbulent yet exciting race. You have to cross over everything to be on the top.

53. Baiten Kaitos: Eternal Wings

A lovely designing, 2D backgrounds, and a great battle system will make you bang the game. You have to solve puzzles, look for cards, be aggressive to win, and bonuses are offered by using the same number as per card. It is a good game to spend time with. 

54. Puyo Puyo Fever

A great piece in the genre of the puzzle! You need to match the blobs with their color and bright screen before they jam the screen and end up your game. It is generally a game appreciated by everyone.

55. XIII

Based on the Belgian comics, this shooter has to discover the locations completing important objectives. The graphics and storyline hold a glimpse of the comic.

56. WarioWare INC

It’s a different set of the game in GameCube. The game lasts for a few seconds, and a short time is likely to make you successfully complete it. The goals are chucklesome, therefore, hold partners to enjoy.

57. Wave Race: Blue Storm

You in the game have to race between buoys pulling off tricks and jumps in between. It has numerous changes with enhanced graphics and impressive style of play. 

58. Chibi Robo

A troubled family buys you in the game where you have to play like a small toy. Your drudgery is to make family mates contented as well as search out for jobs to perform. Solve this puzzle by starting Chibi Robo.

59. Crazy Taxi

Be quick! Speed up! You have to drop the passengers on time to their destination. Driving the taxi would be your job with mastering skills to sway off the counter run down from your way.

60. Harvest Moon: It’s a Wonderful Life

The farming which you may not have tried in real life, but gaming brings an opportunity. You buy plant crops, seeds, and look after livestock along with interacting with the villagers. An interesting factor is to search for a bride for yourself. 

61. Burnout 2

To enjoy the supreme game in GameCube, Burnout 2 turns out to be the one. This adrenaline-soaked arcade-racer drives you frenetic, boost to fight the hurdles with dangerous speeds. You will have the complete fun here.

62. Metroid Prime 2

The game has you discovering environments, exploring huge ways, upgrade weapons, and unleash new ways to the world. It is an adventure game for all escapades. 

63. ReMake

A real horror-terror PlayStation game to explore the creepy mansion, and Zombies, while protecting ammo and completing puzzles. It is undoubtedly a remake, but changes are incredible. 

64. Kururin Squash

Another clever puzzle game that has you to navigate a rotating stick by crossing levels and by labyrinthine with a condition of not touching hazards or walls. It is referred to as a must-play game.

65. SSX 3

Feel the ice, astounding graphics; raging competitors delve you into to bear the extensive heat of ice. It even has another release name, “On Tour.” 

66. Twilight Princess

The game has a realistic look with intricate dungeons. The graphical style is breathtaking and is known to be a great competition to other GameCube games. It has you leaping through areas and fantastic adventure.

67. Gotcha Force

The game involves an ordinary boy known as Kou, who meets Gotcha Borg, a toy-like object. They both together endeavor to save the planet from Death Force, an evil organization. This has you to unlock more Borgs to complete the battle.

68. Mystic Heroes

The game has you in the fantasy world influenced by eastern culture is similar to the Dynasty Warriors games, replacing the muso from the famed series. Turn to the game to unlock more.

69. Castle Shikigami 2

This game has you in two types as regular bombs and shots. You have to pass over the challenges by choosing the difficulty level being listed in the game. 

70. Cubivore: Survival of the Fittest

The game has you to eat the enemy Cubivore by killing. Your supporter animals will modify their forms to create offspring and be strong. As the enemy is killed, a colored piece of meat will signify it. 

71. Kirby Air Ride

Kirby Air Ride has you like a pink hero named Kirby. It is a simple analog stick control game with driving games, acceleration with multiple players trying their way to control the game. 

72. Bomberman Generation

It has you as a single player where strategy is required and a trial-and-error system to hurt others. It begins with you possessing one bomb leveling up with super speed and defeats. 

73. Star Fox Assault

The game has a hold on multi-players subsuming missions, including fights, movements, spawning points, and aggravated battles. It is the fourth game in the series of Star Fox with better updations. 

74. Dream Mix TV World Fighters

A fighting game with TV World Fighters bringing assorted characters of Takara, Konami, and Hudson franchises! The combats are infuriating, filled with power packs.

75. Naruto Gekitou Ninja Taisen 4

The game was released in 2005 in Japan is published by Tomy Corporation and developed by Eighting. This is a powerful action pack game to spend your time enjoyably.

76. Sonic Heroes

The game with heroes to smash the robots with different teams! They have to save the world with their specialized character of Flight, Speed, and Power. It is the eighth installment in the Hedgehog franchise of the Sonic.

77. Amazing Island

Imagination is all about ruling Amazing Island, creating any monster virtually testing its kills in mini-games. It is a basic game for light-headed people. You will have fun playing it. 

78. Virtua Striker 2002

The first soccer game unleashed on the GameCube features 65 teams and ample of modes known as Tournament, Road to International Cup, League, and Ranking. Some modes you may end up easily while it is not the same in all. 

79. Doshin the Giant

The game has you in titular Doshin shoes where islanders convey their needs by speech bubbles along with asking for things like the elevation of the terrain or extra wood. Disasters appear on the island, and they need to overcome it meticulously. 

80. Rave Master

It is an adventurous yet fighting game that involves anime and manga. It is released on the Nintendo GameCube and developed by Konami. You can have a multiplayer to enjoy its longevity.

81. Medabots Infinity

The game allows you to imagine a boy named Ikki, who is endeavoring to battle in the Medafighter race at an amusement park. Ikki desires motivation to tackle the attractions of the park. The game may sound easy, but the plans are not. 

82. Virtua Quest

It calls for a boy named Sei, along with his friend Hayami becomes a hunter. With his martial arts, he fights and burns his energy by attacking enemies. In this virtual world, at every step, Sei has to defeat root users and proceed. 

83. Zoids: Battle Legends

Zoids is not a complicated game. You have to end every obstacle on your way. The game has various modes, different stages where a single step can take you plummeting to death. 

84. Battle Stadium D.O.N

It is much in the style of Super Smash Bros, where Life Bars help to sustain in the game. The damage of one player in the game causes health loss and others winning the power. 

85. Beach Spikers

The game needs accuracy and strength to be the winner. A variety of actions, tricks could help you to succeed. It provides insight into World Tour mode with an upgraded AI partner. 

86. Bleach GC: Tasogare ni Mamieru Shinigami

Bleach GC is a game featuring story mode and characters like Kurosaki with fighting ground over 25 characters. The game has great features connecting it to GameCube series.

87. Chaos Field

The game involves the main characters named Hal, Ifumi, and Jinn, who are 15, 19 and 30 years old in series. All three reflect unique identities in the game where absolute chaos is mankind’s technological advancements. 

88. Donkey Konga 2

It is a sequel to Donkey Konga with various artists who sing. It will set you to play different minigames while you will be playing Donkey Konga 2.

89. Auto Modellista

The game is a racing simulator with racing genres, causing trouble in the car. Shaded graphics, amazing spins, different dynamics are published and developed at Production Studio 1 of Capcom. To experience high-level racing, get in the Auto Modellista race.

90. Giftpia

Away from the fields of battles, monsters, and hard fights, it is a game of boy named Pockle who has to complete the duties for Nanashi Island’s inhabitants. The task completed would help him to earn money. 

91. Mario Party 4

The game may not have achieved the position contemplated, but yet its minigames win the show. The improvements in graphics and music really lead to a useful contribution. 

92. Mega Man Network Transmission

It is a 2D game being almost similar to Classic Mega Man. The game incorporates fights, features Japanese voice, defeat to opponents, and elements of Battle Networks, namely Power-Ups, Battle Chips, MEgaBuster, and Sub chips. 

93. Worms Forts: Under Siege

In the zone of the 3D game, you will witness worms, and by controlling them, you have to kill the opposing team. Being a team, you are required to destroy the enemy and add new siege weapons are replacing the old one. 

94. Tube Slider

The game may sound tricky from the name, but it is a future racing game where you are supposed to compete with others. You will definitely enjoy playing the game. 

95. Go! Go! Hypergrind

A game developed by Poponchi on the GameCube platforms features animation and great skateboarding. The story includes Spumco having auditioned for a show called “Hypergrind,” where he could pull tricks as well as big air. 

96. Ribbit King

It’s a sporty game published by Bandai for the GameCube platform. The game will let you enter distractions, dangers, power-ups, and exclusive fun.

97. Spawn: Armageddon

Spawn is a game where Earth becomes a place for the battle of Hell and Heaven. In this, the stopper is Spawn with whom the world remains safe. It has unlimited magic, amusement, but limited variations.   

98. BeyBlade VForce: Super Tournament Battle

Beyblade game allows you to begin the battle with a press of a button and doing maximum spin. The one who spins till the end wins the game.it is published by Atari and developed by Takara Co.

99. Mario Party 6

It is a series of Mario where you are supposed to collect the stars. Moreover, different minigames are an essential part of this game. You will be flabbergasted after playing.

100. Pac-Man World Rally

A real racing game where the player navigates characters by racing against opponents! The overall theme of the game is to reach the greatest heights.