Games are the most entertaining source of our life which engages in deep fun. It is a development tool amusing every age and assisting them to learn something whether mentally or imaginatively. Similarly, you must have seen youngsters, teenagers playing games, but the toddlers playing some offline games look as pretty as a picture. The innocence, the reactions they make while playing games is out of the ordinary. 

As infants have nothing to spend time on, they are the cutest beings in the universe. So for their amusement, recreation in the form of games is the sole option. The kids have several choices in games to occupy themselves. The attention span of infants is hardly 15 to 20 minutes in any activity, therefore they must be given the games which could make them feel interested.

All my favorite games
All my favorite games

First Orchard

One of the favorite games for kids includes First Orchard, a game to inculcate the value of togetherness in them. It fosters early development and brings a lot of fun for them. The game consists of a set of fruits, die, trees, cards, raven and instructions to follow. The infants have to fill in their baskets with the fruits until the raven could reach the orchard. The fruits need to be placed on the apt trees and then die, kids will have turn to collect the fruits. The collection of fruits and playing together bestows different curiosity for small kids.  

Bunny Bedtime

How your infant goes to sleep? Does he/she enjoy bedtime stories or love playing games? If it goes with the second option, the game for your kid is Bunny Bedtime fostering social-emotional skills, making choices, recognizing colors and shapes with amazing playtime. As your 2-year kid is a fresh growing bud and requires learning plenty of things, in that accordance, it is more than anything. It consists of 1 wooden bunny mover, 1 game board, 5 wooden puzzle pieces and guidance of parents. To let your tiny tots explore more, this game would be a suitable match with their age.  

Hello Sunshine

Toddlers! Toddlers! Don’t you think they are awesome at their brains in the present time? They understand things smartly and indulge themselves in diverse leisure activities. In the same way, Hello Sunshine is a game for babies, amazingly simple and a way to learn. The game holds a few cards, sunshine and a company to play with. In this, the kids will locate the location where the sunshine is hidden and will win an award. This puzzle would benefit them in developing their IQ, expanding recognition level and most importantly in the play-way method. For your kids, you must buy it to make him/her grasp something exceptional. 

Freeze Dance

Along with mental development, physical growth is equally inevitable. Keeping in view, Freeze Dance is a source of fun where they dance and work on their motor skills. To play this, some music is needed which when stopped, the child has to freeze at whatever they are. This is a great amusement to note their adorable moves and laugh along with them. Just play something and after a few seconds, stop it to take them a position. So what do you think? Try now! Say Freeze, Freeze!

Hide The Music

Is your toddler music lover? Or do you want him to be fond of music? If so, then turn him/her to hide the music game. Well, the recreation could be fun for them as for this, hide some music in any corner of the house asking your kid to find it. The trick would work to increase the memory and hearing power of the toddler. The music will attract deliberately leading to find the hidden music. The tiny tot will fall in love with the game.

Picture Lotto Game

Playing with toddlers will make you feel another world. Have you ever experienced it? If not, then just get along with kids in roll play game involving a good number of players, 1 large plush cube, 48 cards and pocket for storage cards. Roll and Play game is designed of a big cube and one has to select a card and has to perform as written. This imparts a chance for them to learn language skills, colors, numbers and enhancing creativity. Let the toddlers have some fun with roll play. So roll the cube, select card and play!

Lotto - All my favorite Games

Feed the Woozle

Feed the Woozle is another amazing and fun-loving game for adorably cute kids. Toddlers need to play it together, learn together and need to show their active side. To play, roll the die, take the number, place silly snacks on the spoon and walk towards the Woozle. Make sure the snacks do not drop from the spoon as Woozle will only eat from it. If you desire to know more, just make your kids play this game and let them have all the fun altogether.

LeapFrog Scoop and Learn Ice Cream Cart

Make your kid imaginative and creative! The tasty ice cream in delicious flavors and great toppings will boost their recognition about colors, flavours, and numbers. It includes different scoops, double-sided cards, toppings, ice cream cones, and an ice cream cart. Including this, they will listen to music and songs making them enjoy the most. Guide them to listen to every instruction and follow it by making colourful ice cream. The number of toddlers plays with it in the early years. Just make sure they don’t eat it!

To sum up, the tinies would love enjoying such games at their play age of 2. Parents must bring such games so that the holistic development of kids could take place. Not only this, they will even learn valuable things like colors, numbers, and much more. So undoubtedly, this is the best time to shape the mind of a child in the right direction with these all-time favorite offline games. What are you mulling over? Just get them right away.