Games! Games! Doesn’t it run an adrenaline rush? It happens with all the enthusiast gamers who can’t keep their eyes off from the games. Games are that part of life, such activity, which attracts every individual and engage them in fun and entertainment. The games could vary on grounds of age, work, education, and much more. It persists to bring out the ideological element as well as intellectual factors of human beings, continuing to amuse in distinct ways.

Generally, games uniquely engage every single soul and with the advancement in technology, a number of best games like online games, android games; the best iPhone games are accessible which captivates the attention of individuals. There are several most played games in the world, however, the most popular 20 games are listed & For 2 Years Child:

Tetris 99

The most happening game of today’s time is the Tetris 99. You don’t need to contemplate as it is an android game, iPhone games, an online game as well as the best offline game. The game sways your mind and boosts up your mental ability. In this, you need to keep a check by protecting yourself from the gutter in the playfield coming from the left. To keep safe, on the switch, use left stick and send trash pieces of Tetris, completing a set of rows eventually. No doubt, you can play this free online game, but a few of its modes are paid. Just don’t stop yourself and let the multiple players hinder you from achieving. 

Untitled Goose Game

Somewhere, sometimes when you need rest and recreation, you need to spend a few bucks. The game named Untitled Goose Game is a recent hit swaying up the mind with the glee of goose. It is the best video game by House House company of around five-hours became a hit in no time. The only thing you need to do is deal with havoc creatively who bothers inhabitants in a drowsy English village. This amazing game can be played on Windows, Nintendo Switch and macOS.For this puzzling yet vigouring game, you ought to spend $14.99, which in return will only immerse you in it.

The Legend of Zelda

Breath of the fierce! Leaving luck to heaven! To discover, to view and to explore something unknown in the gaming zone, the legend of Zelda awaits you. This adventurous game ventures various series on the foundation of fantasy action. The updated series by Nintendo after short intervals signifies the great popularity of this game. You can easily occupy your time playing its series on mobile games, on iPhone games, android games or any of your favourite platforms. Rejoice the Zelda game in sequence, multi-players or by playing single. Download the game now!

Mortal Kombat 11

Ruckus look, merciless character, gore, and brutal nature and plenty of actions intimidating suspense of different levels. Mortal Kombat 11 is a crushing move in the gaming zone where hard-hearted characters can damage anything to win the show. Playing it with artificially controlled foe can be a stiff battle where you need to keep the hefty foot to succeed. The ferocious retaliation is only possible when you change up the things in the game leaving no stone for the opponent to unleash. Make a monstrous attack on the bloodthirsty challenger to reckon your name as a winner.

Grand Theft Auto

The name makes it appear as you even guessed it right about stealing, looting, smashing and grabbing cars and autos. Grand Theft Auto ‘GTA’ is an action-adventure game with sixteen games in the series. In real, doing such things is considered as a felony while the game gives it a name of excitement and a sense of fulfilment. A great number of copies have been sold making an entry in the favourite game of people all over the world. Various stages and concepts of the game series glue you to the screen leading to unlimited fun. 

Grand Theft Auto


In the pool of best video games, how can Minecraft take a back seat? It is even a fun-provoking, mind-boggling entertainment pack where you have multiple options such as download it, purchase it or install it on the system. To kick start the game, you need to chop the tree, collect wool, craft items, get allies, and dig some patterns and so on. The more you play it alone or multiplayer, the better you get amused by. So set your targets and start playing!

Pokémon games

Kids are a fan of Pokémon, isn’t it? You even agree on the same as no matter youngsters or teenagers, they love such entertaining games. It intends to be a great choice including monsters and masters of the game. The maximum favourites of its series are Dynamons World, Pokémon Tower Defense, Pokémon Mega, Pokémon Masters and many more. The Nintendo story makes it more demanding and swinging. Also, the characters Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Mew, Emolga and others help to rage the fantasy of the players. Continue playing the series and the fever of it will never halt.


PUBG acronym of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is published by PUBG Corporation is one of the most favorite games in the world. The savage battles, graphical settings and framework make it distinctive. Moreover, with the switch of every phase, the victory of every stage brings changes in the design platform. Savour the feel of togetherness through this best game and play it with your buddies online. It supports all the systems be it phone or system. The idiosyncratic setting, as well as the phenomenon of the game, makes it works super well. Haven’t you played it yet? What are you waiting for? Just get it right away.

Super Mario Maker 2

The levels of imagination, innovation, ingenuity, fun, energy everything reach to next level when we talk about games especially Mario. As this game is there for ages, so this is not the favorite of today’s youngsters, but earlier as well. Mario series by Nintendo is a worldwide famous video console making it a wonderful platform for the players. The time flies when you begin playing it and interest peeks with the inclining levels. Every play store and mobile is feasible enough to allow users to play on the phone as well as on the PCs. 

Call of Duty

The games are endless, limitless, and are sufficient in themselves to aggravate thrill in you. Call of duty is a multiplayer game that easily supports every mobile. It is specifically a shooter game having realistic grounds, published by Activision. The actions, arms warfare is something you cannot miss out if you adore action. The grand levels run adrenaline in the body making it difficult for the mind to think as it has to. The more stages you cross, the better you acquire the knowledge about it. The other appreciated and fantastic parts are Black Ops, World at War, Call of Duty 2 to name a few. 

God of war

Among such breathtaking games, how can you forget about God of Wars? It’s an amazing game console available all across the world. The combats of this game stun the mind where adventure impresses the heart. To win over the game, boost the luck, smash everything, use Atreus ways, unleash great levels of magic, show your mental skills and win over the game. The unlimited thrill in God of War infuriates the senses bringing fire in the game. Those who love action, the battle eventually leading to triumph, they must not halt themselves from it. 

World of Tanks

Free! Free! Absolutely, to play this best game, you just don’t need to spend your money. This is a freemium business model offering a free game to users. This is yet another complicated yet interesting game for those who love battles, tanks in a combination of adventure. It has a count of 476 tanks which you can play this game online with a different number of players. It would be more comfortable if you play it on Android phones for the interruption-free and never-ending spirit. The feel you have to run tank in the army as a soldier, get it fulfilled here. 

The Witness

Puzzles are such a great delight to heart and brain as it sharpens the mind and broadens the horizons. Don’t you think so? Well, on the same idea, the Witness is a puzzle game with 650 puzzles making it difficult to cross. No doubt it is a single-player game, however, the explorations, puzzles can be solved directly while being in other’s company. The game intends on the motives of searching truth leading through mischievous ways. In order to explore, you can simply spend 2-3 hours and have full pack entertainment. 

Dark Souls

Do you have enough patience to play this game? Are you capable of holding yourself on a monotonous task for a long time? If not, then you must give a shot to this game, Dark Souls. It is an action role-playing game for the PlayStation 3. It has three parts Dark Souls I, Dark Souls II and Dark souls III with anticipation of next series. The game is action-packed which continuously drags you towards it. Give it a play as it is going to bring a great change in your gaming life.


With the series of Halo, you would feel the same as its name says High Attitude- Low Opening. It is derived from the military terms and creates ruckus while play. Every series unfolds something destructive and spectacular which you have never perceived before. The series you can enjoy begins with Halo: Combat Evolved, Halo 2, Halo 3 and so on. The center theme lies in the war between aliens and humans leading to ultimate fun and raging the spark of more. 

War Thunder

As free games are of no low quality, it bestows the same level of amusement, suspecting opponents, invading aliens, and destructing the evil forces. With the same level of enthusiasm, the game War Thunder infuriate the blitz of skills in the players. As entering directly the planes’ cockpit is a great endeavour, therefore, to fulfill that dream, War Thunder offers a chance to confide your talent by playing it. To show your ire, jump into the plash with online players and have a glee to play an arcade game. 

Borderlands 3

Being wicked and savage in games is what makes a player. Borderlands 3 is an action-packed video console developed by Gearbox Software. The game takes place on diverse planets being centred to cease the cult-leading twins. Players would have secret missions to achieve while killing enemies and making them drop their weapons. The level of Borderlands 3 is par excellence and would be time valued. 

Resident Evil 2

When the evil surrounds, goodness bury in the ground. This terror and horror are passed by the RE 2, developed by Capcom make it seem too original and mirror of reality. The light-hearted can hardly play this game as it is a horror series to bring fear in the minds. The longer you play, the more you enjoy the secrets. The terrifying characters and gore-soaked devils will sway up your mind. 

Angry Bird

Another all-time favourite game enlists Angry Bird winning the hearts from a decade. This bird has won the hearts of millions with its outrage and stormy style. This video game represents wingless birds with 17 games making it wonderfully compatible with mobile phones. The game features an angry bird that endeavours to save their eggs from their enemies, the pigs. The level of fun gets double with every series and accomplished stages. The game has a huge fan following and holds its flagship till now. 

Angry Bird
Angry Bird


No game could replace Pacman which means Program and Control. This most popular game had successfully completed Pacman 30th anniversary making every child play and entertain. The patterns of this game bamboozle the player and make it gobble up by the ghosts. It has 255 levels which makes it intricate and interesting on every next level. The alluring part of it is once you launch the game, this online game would make you eat up fruits, pac-dots, power-ups, power pellets by moving through the maze. The alarming factor to remember while playing is you need to save yourself from the ghosts. 

To end up, these are certainly the best video game consoles being in the favorite list. It enlists different types of games from normal to a terrific level like Super Mario to Evil games. So, just don’t ponder more and gear yourself to play them!