How much tech-savvy are you? The rise in the frenetic games beguiles a good amount of youngsters towards it. From the series of playing outdoor games, the trend has changed itself repositioning to the indoor games prioritizing mobile games. This migratory device named smartphone has made it feasible to play anytime and anywhere.

Xbox One is a home video game console manufactured by Microsoft Corporation for the ultimate spirits. It is an all-in-one entertainment system having all fun elements hidden for you. With the updations, you have witnessed significant changes in games for Xbox one.

Best games for Xbox one x right now

God turns the disability to ability when it is about the Xbox One. This game is designed for less motion range and use of limbs. To know the rage of top games for Xbox one right now, then scroll the screen down to get a glimpse of them.

D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die

For the bizarre and lovable oddball point-and-click game, firstly you must own Xbox One. D4 is an unusual game drawing designed by  Philip. K, David Lynch’s surrealism, and classic adventure mechanics by LucasArt.

Dark Dreams Don’t Die

The story of D4 unleashes a widower, David Young, who by profession is a detective. The death of his wife, Little Peggy, led him to miserably.

He tries his hard to unleash the events and find the clues to his wife’s death. The story includes a woman don clothes like a cat, time travel, a giant which no certainty of being real or unreal. 

This game would help you to scratch your mind and give up a view of a different world. Moreover, Dark Dreams Don’t Die a multi-arc story’s first part, which will interest you more.

Forza Horizon 4

The game with multiplayer integration, beautiful environments, head-to-head challenges, fast cars, new progression systems, and enchanting seasonal effects makes the world of gamers sway with Forza Horizon 4.

Forza Horizon 4

The open-air games have been taken place by consoles but with a set of outer impacts only. The challenges you face makes you stronger and closer to triumph

Also, the seasonal effects, dynamics, various installments, and a great progression system would give you dare to end. Every season you unlock, you will earn something.

The functional features bring fresh adventure and will make you lean towards the game more than before.


Top-selling Xbox one games right now involve Cuphead, run with a gun game channeling Contra series of Konami. This game has another inspiration from animation style cartoons of the 1920s and 1930s era.


Being known with Contra series fetches more interest where alley the titular leads the role with brother Mugman. 

You have to undergo several treacherous stages along with bosses to end up their search. The actions you tackle in the game adds brawl and brawny factors with fight complex stages to overcome. 

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

The Phantom Pain is developed by Kojima Production which underlines destruction. The game imbues the pain with excellency of damage.

The game holds action-stealth experience, massive weapons and a unique story to contemplate. 

Absorbing factors of the game are the recovery system. To know more about the game and to become a virtual part of this permeate, you must once try hand over this. You will experience uniqueness in-game.


Another tantalizing game console is a snow-squall answer to Team Fortress 2 of Valve.


The game has a par level of amusement with multiple maps, modes, a roster of characters and unlimited fun.

It even has a glimpse of MOBA-like mechanics and built on shooter hallmarks of TF2. Similarly, like other Xbox one games, this game even has a charisma of characters and lots of charming points.

Make sure, don’t fall into traps of it that it becomes intricate to bring you out. To dig more into it, just check out how previous players hit the game. 

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Capcom has given distinct grounds to the Resident Evil game, where a change in actions brings a shift in attention from third to first person.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

You don’t need to play this game as a combatant, but a beginner can try his hand being a widowed man fighting his inner horrors. 

Biohazard justifies its title in the best possible way with thought-provoking actions, excellent pace, enchanting atmosphere bringing terror and horror in its way.

RE7 lays a great foundation that is unquestionable. Players after playing may lookup for new series of the game. 

Tekken 7

Top rated xbox one games right now include Tekken 7 which is undoubtedly a fighting game. It has various juggles, limb-mapped controls and many fantastic features. The power attacks of the opponents, the blows and side steps make it worth playing. The players exhibit the real feel of martial arts, knocking down people and interactive stages

It is a combo of adventure and flowing moments that have unique characteristics than other games. 

The game takes an exciting turn when fighters perform melee attacks to save themselves and end the heath bar of another opponent.  Those you love such action, they must consider its worth.

Sunset Overdrive

In reality, you may never do such a thing which the virtual world will put you in to. You will be a garbage collector working for Fizzco.

Sunset Overdrive

The company unveils energy drinks turning customers into mutants. The evil level is dependent on you to either fire weapon, grind walls or take down the evil.  The latest drama of game is loaded with old-fashioned fun action.

Such jabs in the game industry make the Sunset Overdrive must game to enjoy. You can miss any other, but you must not overlook it. Experience of gaming escalates as you level up the stages.

Gears 5

Top games for Xbox one 2019 hold an exclusive space for Gears 5 which is a long-running series. Gears 5 has excellent graphics, spellbinding storytelling, and solid mechanics of shooting.

Gears 5

The game overpowers the level of other games and is likely to be the best of all. Players continuously strive to be the top.

For a player, a cover system of the game is necessary to use heavily. The war of the enemy could prove to be fatal for you while giving flexibility to them. Though some hindrances can be destructible, the level of energy after playing will surely increase. 

Devil May Cry 5

The superhero of game, protagonist, crosses the hell, having guns, swords, and a list of special attacks making everyone crazy. It is a genre-defining action that continues the wild action legacy of series. 

DMC5 has a reflection of DmC: Devil May Cry reboot with all new characters and new players to enjoy. It has no doubt become easy to comprehend, but way hard to cross the challenges. 

Devil May Cry 5

The uproar of Xbox one is audible and the craze among players it reaching to another level. Those who love playing them would have the savor of everything in one pack. The untold stories will raise your interest to know more. 

The real admirers cannot step themselves behind if the game has real power to entertain. The more you immerse yourself, the better it feels gradually. So are you ready to be robust, daring and set yourself to play Xbox one? 

Sparks may stop, but the heat will remain there!