Is it intricate for you to churn out the top games to play? Well, in terms of games, the extreme players never compromise on simple games. They covet something deadly and heart throbbing. They yearn to do something extraordinarily surprising.

The need to have new games after every time is hard to justify sometimes. But, when you have the option of top games like GameCube, Xbox One and many such Windows, mobile games, and many others, there is hardly any way to get rid of them. 

To surpass the entertainment level, here we have a range of games to keep you engrossed.

Civilization VI

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It is a strategy game with an overpowering number of fans around. In it, the players enlarge the empires. To Firzaxis Games unveiled in 2016, this game is the recent update to the series. Several players adore playing Civ games and are a great game to play. 

The game is available to download on any platform. Those want to dive into the game; they need to spend a sum of $60. The most perceivable part is the city’s unstacking and city-building system which brings to build districts and several other things. Anywhere around you are sitting; you can enjoy playing the game. 

Civ VI has a considerable variety accessible for the players, and the latest released part is proof of next level dynamics. 

Original Sin II

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Original Sin II

When it comes to top games download, nothing is stopping by. To enjoy with other teammates, you possess a choice of Original Sin II, which is a terrific game of the decade. There is hardly anything which you may not like. 

It is an RPG set fantasy where players get a chance to explore the world of Rivellion. The players get an opportunity to combat based on turns and having an unprecedented tactical scope in the battles. You even adore a chance to customize your characters and design their scenarios. 

Terrific music and breathtaking graphics may stun your mind more towards the game. To know more about it, you have to enter the play zone!


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With the great love of players, every time the new series appear, it is indeed a hit to last. Bayonetta is an action-adventure packed game enthralling players with terrific combats. It is a new version for the Windows retailing at $20, but a decent pay. 

The shapeshifting, gun-wielding witch becomes the main star being on the search to find mystical MacGuffin.

It’s a third-person action game where Bayonetta slays angles and involves weaponry arsenal for battle. 

The well-known combat system of the game hits the soul incorporating a lot of combos to freeze enemies and pull off. The uplifted graphics is even a streaming feature for Window game now. So, Bayonetta turns up with the full battery charge. 

Tank Hero: Laser Wars

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Tank Hero: Laser Wars

It is a fire game which burnt many other games’ flames. Tank Hero is about taking out other tanks with your laser-powered cannon. The target is to destroy other tanks on the map. The best part is the laser which helps to shoot the screen and virtually control the tank.

The easy it sounds, interesting and infuriating it is. With every step, you may witness power-ups, fiendish mazes, different tanks leading to more provocation. Adding an advantage, the laser hit against walls, so try taking the benefit. 


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Those who entertain themselves and don’t need anyone to mess in, for such a sole player, the prey is a suitable game. It is a futuristic game anticipating 2032 being based on a space station orbiting the moon. To play on Window platform, it would be much more comfortable for you. 

The game stars Morgan Yu, an alien outburst alongside Talos I without remembering the incidences that happened prior to it. He goes in search to locate and defeat the Typhon who invade space station. The Mimics are quite mischievous being disguised as small objects. The unknown factor is that they may pop out from any direction and from anywhere.

The players would enjoy wide-ranging settings and tense combats and fantastic play styles. To know more, dive in the game to explore more. 


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Mind games are comparatively nerve-wracking. You pull your hair when you find no way out. To that, chess is yet another ball in those launches. 

To play the game, setting here is a bit different. For this, you have to initiate a single pawn and three queens. The computer may have six rooks’ series, making you play differently and think out of your shell.

The level of AI in the game would remain the same, however with better pieces to begin. To play it with AI may challenge yu in varied ways as it might take your play to another level. You must give it a shot!

Platform: Once Upon A Tower

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Platform: Once Upon A Tower

It is a game with a distinct phenomenon for you. Once Upon A Time is not a game where the prince faces a hurdle to reach and save the princess. Instead of a story where princess kicks of butts with a sledgehammer.

The prince is already dead, and she doesn’t climb a tower but digs down.

She may have cumbersome fights with monsters and creepy things invading her way. She has to cut all the traps in between to reach her way. Therefore, in the end, you need to collect coins and pass all levels. Henceforth,  cross the hurdles and get on your way.

Tides of Numenera

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Tides of Numenera unveiled in February 2017 are based on the science fantasy tabletop RPG series. It is developed by Monte Cooke who designed it for Windows, Mac OS X platform, Playstation and many more.

The game has captured extensive players with its profound story and intriguing setting. This Windows game blends fantasy with science fiction in the game. It is based on a distant future where the magic happens with the rise and fall of civilizations before remnants abandon. 

The game has to offer desperate choices and replayability value to the players. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but definitely a choice of voracious lovers of the game. 

The Witcher 3

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The Witcher 3

The Witcher 3 is categorized in the top games and best ever crafted game. Even the lovers of PUBG couldn’t question the settings of the game.

You have an option to play it offline or online depending on your choice. It showcases an expansive range of creatures and weapons which in order to reach the next level; you have to defeat. 

The players could hardly say no to this game as several intrinsic and breathtaking factors put you in a dilemma. To satisfy the quest for playing, you can’t overlook this game. 

In the end, such games, people fail to notice as the game admirers highly value top games. The ever increasing demand and popularity do not shed lovers. In the pack of The Witcher 3, Prey, Civilization VI and more, it would become harder for you to choose. 

Consequently, race yourself, turn on the combat spirits, ride the horse of challenge and step into the game. We assure that you will be bamboozled with the games. Are you ready to spin? Let’s begin the play! It may sound easy to play them, but getting into them will outburst everything.